The Dumbfuck


This isn't me, if you even care
Basic Genetic Shit
Age 20
Nationality British
Sex None
Gender Male
Personal Stuff
Occupation Student
Religion Atheist
Political Beliefs I'm not honestly too sure
Alignment I'm obviously going to say neutral good, right?
Favourite Movie Casablanca
Favourite Book IDK
Favourite Game Fate/Stay Night (If VNs count)
Other stuff to say I've ran out
"That's Hell you're waling into" - Emiya Shirou

About Me

Hello, I've never actually come up with an internet psedeonym, while the Website is called "The Clock Tower" it doesn't really seem to work as a personal title. For now I'm going by "The Dumbfuck" or something like it. If I ever actually come up with some sort of title for myself, get ready to see this change.

I'm a 20 year old University Student from the UK doing Politics who there isn't really much to say about other than that. And even if there was I wouldn't want to say so, I can't go giving around too much information online before I accidentally dox myself.

Other than politics, I enjoy:

  1. Anime
  2. Comic Books
  3. Old Horror Movies
  4. Useless behind the scenes trivia on books, movies, TV, Video Games, Comics and so on
  5. Feeling smart about myself

I'm currently trying to read myself through some older books so I can appear cultured instead of a weeaboo shithead, and have been stuck on Les Misérables for about a year because it is so long. When I finish it I don't know if I want to move on to something I can finish in a reasonable amount of time or another long one so I can show it off and seem smarter.

Soon I may become pretentious enough to read through the entire Bible or something if I'm not stopped.

Personality-wise, I'm going to be honest and say I'm probably awful to know. I seem to be decently not decent at social cues to the point of coming across as unintentionally rude if my experiences working with others is anything to go by and I'm awful at actually coming up with stuff to talk about. I blame that for me still being single and in fact having never gone out with anyone ever.

That and my appearence.

That and God apparently hating me enough to make every guy I liked straight and every woman I liked actually a guy and also straight on top of that.

That and the fact I'm generally not very social.

That and the fact I turned down the only person to ask me out.

That and... you get the point.

I should probably work on socialising rather than working on this website but I'm not going to.

About This Website

This is my website. It began as an attempt at making a Type Moon fansite due to my dislike of the existing ones at the time such as TypeMoon wiki, however I quickly realised I both lacked the manpower to make a wiki and userbase to make an interesting site.

In the end, I ended up discarding it as a failed endevour for over a year - until I changed my mind this February.

I have decided to retool it into a personal website that, while still maintaining a Type Moon focus, I talk about whatever shit I feel like. Hence my stupid fucking blog where I ramble out a bunch of nonsense about whatever I care about - typically the politics I'm studying in University and whatever nonsense I see online.

This site will likely always be a WIP as I try to update it to include whatever I care about. In the long term right now, I'd like to finish some early WIP pages on the main Type Moon Series, then move on to some shrines for characters I like and in the long term work on a page dedicated to the Old Universal Horror Movies. Also, while I'm here, this site is absolutely 100% mobile unfriendly. In fact, I have no idea if it is anything except my laptop friendly - as I only have this one screen. I've built it on Firefox with a screen about 34.5cm by 19.5cm. It uses a lot of sidebars and fixed images and such so if the screen size is different substantually it might look like a complete mess.

Here are some fun extras I'm planning to/do include:

  1. My Blog, where you can go to realise what a debby downer who understands nothing about what's he's winging about.
  2. My Shrines (Not yet up), where you can see which characters I'm way too attached to.
  3. Old Dark House (WIP), where you can go to see my thoughts on various old Universal horror films.

My button (WIP) if for some reason you want to link to me


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