Tohno Akiha

The head of the Tohno Household and Shiki's sister.

Once a quiet girl who would follow Shiki around, it seems that eight years has lead to quite the change in Akiha.

Nowadays she carries herself with all the pride, dignity and borderline anachronistic conservativism you'd expect from the head of an old family and is quite the strict head of the household.

When not at her boarding school, she can be found in her room doing God knows what or in the dining area ready to chatise Shiki's table manners over a meal.

...Although, at times it seems she can't be found anywhere around the house.

It doesn't seem she has much to do with Shiki's Near Side of the Moon dealings with the True Ancestor Princess and their prey, but it is not as if the Tohno House - and Akiha especially - do not have skeletons of their own in the closet.

In the Far Side of the Moon he may come to find out there is more to his sister than meets the eye...