Arcueid Brunestud

The mysterious vampire princess.

One day, Tohno Shiki randomly murders a passing woman for no reason whatsoever.

And the next, he bumps into her on his way to school.

Say "Hiiiiiii" to Arcueid Brunestud, the Tsukihime this game is named after.

Seemingly a bubbly, airheaded, rather eccentric girl, she is in fact a True Ancestor - a "natural" vampire - on a mission to hunt down the serial killer lurking in Misaki town.

Usually a borderline unstoppable vampire-killing machine, it seems that having to revive after being killed so utterly has severly weakened her. And, with someone who can easily kill a vampire like her right in front of her, she's roped Shiki in to serving as her begrudging bodyguard.

Who is Arcueid's prey? What is their connection? Where are the rest of the True Ancestors? How does an immortal vampire seemingly understand so little about the world?

Behind Arcueid's bubbly exterior, there are many mysteries to be solved...

In the Near Side of Moon, Shiki will find himself drawn into Arcueid's world, full of danger, mystery, romance and excitement.