First released in complete form in around 2000 (thanks Tsukikan), Tsukihime was Type Moon's first product released, and their second of the "classic three" (as I classfy them) Type Moon stories. Kara No Kyoukai existed in an incomplete form on the Bamboo Broom website at the time, making it the first of these to begin, but both the second to be completed and the second to be released a product - with it recieving physical releases after Tsukihime's fan-disk - Kagetsu Tohya (Again thanks Tsukikan). While it is true that Nasu and Takeuchi had released earlier works such as Notes and Valkyria before Tsukihime, it was the first - as far as I am aware - to be released under the Type Moon Brand.

A doujin (self-published) work released at Comiket, Tsukihime is a visual novel about Tohno Shiki, a teenage boy who's had the mysterious ability to see the "lines" of death all things have - that if cut, will spell their end - after a car-crash during his youth.

Cast out from his birth family, the Tohno, due to poor health, after 8 years, Shiki returns to his home once his father dies to find that things have changed. His timid sister Akiha has become the headstrong young head of the family in his absence, and the young girl(s) he remembers from his youth have since become the family help as maids. Living in his old childhood home, Shiki is swept into a world almost completely alien to him - for reasons that have nothing to do with his home.

One day, Shiki finds a beautiful woman, and kills her for seemingly no reason.

The following day, he sees her waiting for him on his way to school.

She, Arcueid Brunestud, is a vampire. One on the hunt for another of kind, that has taken up base in Shiki's town. Considering how him killing has set her back quite a bit and heavily weakened her, she's dead set of making him take responsibility for killing her.

And so Shiki finds himself drawn into the world of the Vampires known as the Dead Apostles...

At least, during the Near Side of the Moon...

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